Koredemo, Akiramenai

Doushitemo, koto wo nagedasanai de

鍾婉善 - ユンシン - ゆんしん
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by yuncyn

Uhhh, yeah. What they said. Posts about daily life, rants and other such entries I judge are best kept locked can't be accessible, I'm afraid. Memes, some fangirling that look like nonsense at the best of times and things I don't think can hurt if publicly seen are kept free including certain fanfics and fanart.

Regardless though, if you came here looking for a friend, just add a comment to the most recent public post and we'll take it from there. :) I don't bite, honest I don't. As long as you don't practice cannibalism or don't mind bouts of occasional insanity on my part, we should be fine. ^^


So, you've found my little space on Live Journal!

...what're you doing here anyway? *gets whacked* Oh right, I'm supposed to introduce myself...

Currently a 21-year-old Chinese girl living in Malaysia. Can be classified as a fanfiction writer, and a hopeless romantic. And my direction sense is equivalent to that of a particularly blind tree. That was raised as a daisy.

I can be quite loud and I overreact half the time mainly because I have to shamefully admit, I like the attention I get for it. That and I hope that my reactions amuse the people I'm with (although I probably annoy them more) <<;;;;

...that's about it really. ^^;; Just an ordinary girl living out her life as best as she can. ^___^ Thanks for dropping by~

P/S: The following portion of this bio will feature numerous declarations of love in various forms. Namely colour/lovebars. You've been told.

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Stay Safe, Stay Alive.

my pet! my pet!

CloudxTifa is enduring love

The Hachiyou are Color Coordinated Love

Yorihisa is loyal love

Crescendo ♥ Serenade is dignified love

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NejiTen Is Crazy Fun Love

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Tenten Is Kick Ass Love <3

Unohana is motherly love.

Byakuya is misunderstood love.

Ishida/Orihime is dork love.

Shunsui/Nanao is grand romance.

Original Tenimyu Cast. Luv Forever
Original Tenimyu Cast. Luv Forever

Tenimyu Tezuka-buchous are Dorky Love.

EriolxTomoyo is intuitive love

Don't you agree?

*squishes* What more could you want?

"Onwards to the Christmas Bowl!"

We will meet on the field